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The “Win a Free Drink” advertising network allows you to promote your business using video. A patron sees the Win A Free Drink coaster or signage and scans the QR code to win a free drink. Once scanned, we then play your video before the system determines if they are a winner or not.

This is “engagement by design” since the person must watch the entire video until the end.

The average video length is 15-30 seconds and you only pay for each video viewed. When you log into your account, you will see all of the data in beautiful dashboard report – number of videos played, the locations of each scan, and more.

You provide the video to be displayed or we can create one for you similar to this:

This is just an example, we have 14 Million professional video clips and professionally edited music in our arsenal. We can create a beautiful video for you, or of course we can use your own creation.

This is the monthly subscription plans that we offer and the associated pricing. You can cancel your subscription at any time:

Any industry can advertise on our network except for bars and restaurants. Sorry, we would like to accommodate these industries but we just can’t have patrons in one of our clients bars scan the coaster and watch a video for the bar across the street. I am sure you understand.

Targeted messaging that is powered by word of mouth marketing. A unique way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Our system provides a low cost approach to new customer acquisition and is measured exactly. Can you say that for your current advertising and marketing projects?

This is a fantastic way for you to build your brand awareness and increase sales.

Basic Advertiser

Basic Advertiser pays for 1000 videos and sponsors 100 drinks per month

$1,000.00/month until cancelled
Pro Advertiser

Pro Advertiser pays for 3500 videos and sponsors 300 drinks per month

$2,500.00/month until cancelled
Enterprise Advertiser

Enterprise Advertiser pays for 10,000 videos and sponsors 1000 drinks per month

$5,000.00/month until cancelled