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Increase foot traffic and sales to your bar at no cost to you. In fact, we are going to reduce your cost of doing business. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s real and here is how is works.

Customers see the coaster that says “Win a Free Drink”, with a QR code that says “scan me.” They scan the QR code. Well actually its easier than that. Did you know the latest operating systems of our phones allow us to “scan” a QR code without an app? With the iPhone, you simply open your camera and point it at the coaster! The same is true for the latest versions of Android. Alternatively, older versions of both phones work with any scanner app that can be downloaded in seconds.

We provide you with the coasters, so you no longer have to buy them. We just saved you money right there.

The customer then watches a 30-second video from one of our advertisers in our network. At the end of the video, the customer receives a message that says whether they won or not.

If they win, they will have a code on their phone that they simply show to your bartenders. Then the bartender serves them a drink of the customer’s choice or the category of drink(s) set in the campaign. There is nothing for the bartender to enter into any type of system. Our program keeps track of all of this for you.

We pay you for the cost of the drink. Not the retail price, but a discounted price that represents your actual “average” cost. The goal here is that you have zero out of pocket expense. Now you may be thinking, that for each free drink you have a lost opportunity cost because you didn’t get the full price for that free drink. But that’s short-sighted thinking. And that’s not how you roll, or you wouldn’t be here.

The amount of buzz snatching and word of mouth this program generates will dwarf those concerns almost immediately. New customers will flock to your bar and the amount of repeat customers will skyrocket.

Here’s why.

Each customer can only play the contest once a day, so they will keep coming back to your bar multiple times per week to play again. You may also be thinking, “Hey wait a minute. I don’t want a bud light drinker coming to my bar, winning, then asking for a Titos.”

Yes you do. Think about it.

If that bud light drinker becomes a die-hard Titos fan, they will start buying the higher end brands from your shelf. You make more money.

Again, the Win a Free Drink marketing system requires no out of pocket expense to you. The registration process takes only a minute or two. On initial sign up, the system will ask you to drag a Google Maps pin to the center of your bar and hit save. This allows the system to generate a geofence around the bar so we know when someone scans the coaster where they are actually located.

As new campaigns come along, we will ask you via text if you would like to participate. You read a brief 10-second summary and click yes or no. That’s it. You can do this even if you are in vacation in Hawaii, no need to be at the bar after the initial registration to add new campaigns. It can’t be any simpler.

If the customer wins a free drink, what are the odds some of them will stay and order another drink at full price? Or 2? What if they don’t win – what percent of customers will stay and order a drink anyway since they are already at your bar? How many friends will your customers tell about this free drink thingy? Once they are in your store, you now have the chance to up-sell them other food and merchandise. How much more attractive does this make your bar than the one across the street?