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The Win a Free Drink system allows a customer in a bar to scan a coaster for a chance to win a free drink. The customer watches an advertising video from the brand. The odds of winning are set by the specific brand and campaign.  The brand pays for each video viewed.

When the customer does not win a free drink, our system still lets them be a winner by providing a special incentive for registering with your on-line store or whatever special you designate for your campaign. For example, $20 off orders over $100, buy 3 get one free, etc. Our only stipulation is that the offer you provide is unique for our network of customers and cannot be the same offers you have currently running on your web site.  We need for our bar customers to feel special when we send them to your web site.

This is a highly targeted lead generation funnel for your business. The person is in a bar and just tried to win a free drink. This is the perfect opportunity for you to acquire a new customer. We only allow on-line retailers of alcohol to participate in our system.

You pay for each advertisement that is served to the customer on their mobile phone. You set the maximum budget you would like to spend and the system stops serving those advertisements once the limit is reached.

While your campaign is active, you are the only on-line alcohol retailer we will advertise on our network. You will have complete exclusivity.

For a limited time we are offering our banner ads for 1/2 price. This is subscription price per month and you can cancel at anytime.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads subscription pays for the delivery of 2000 ads per month

$500.00/month until cancelled