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Sales Video from Mark Fox on Vimeo.

Free samples are the most powerful and effective form of marketing – always have been and always will be. As long as your product is good, free samples work every time to increase brand awareness and sales. It is the most effective way to acquire a new customer. Your brand rocks. Together we will skyrocket your sales.

You likely have given away free samples in the past, but it’s not very efficient. Pretty girls, tents and events become expensive. And its hard for you to track all of it, if you track it at all. Most brands don’t.

We specialize in direct customer engagement for alcohol brands.

A customer comes into a bar where your brand is on the shelf. They see a coaster that’s says win a free drink, scan me. When the customer scans the code, they watch your advertising video. At the end of the video, winners are determine by the odds you set for the campaign.

Here is something pretty cool you probably didn’t know. The latest operating systems of the iPhone and Android now recognize QR codes without an app. The camera lens works automatically to launch the contest! The customer no longer needs a scanning app on their phone. There is nothing to download or enter to participate.

You replace the free drink quantity at the bar via your distributor. You just add a couple extra bottles to the shipment each week. The bartender does not have to enter anything into a system, we keep track of all the free samples for you.

Customers have to be present to win and can only win the number of times you determine for the campaign. The geolocation tracking of our system manages and controls all of the smart functionality.

You pay us per video view.

Everybody Wins. Your marketing video gets more eyeballs. You acquire a new customer. Your distributor has a new program to help move more volume. The bar gets more foot traffic and sales and the contest creates a word of mouth buz for the establishment. The customer gets a free drink. Everybody Wins.

A customer is already in a bar where your brand is sitting there on the shelf. You know if they would just try it, you will capture a new customer for life. You know your product is that good. They have to watch your advertisement before the customer knows if they won or not, so viewability of your video advertisement is 100%. Simply put, there is no other effective sampling system for your product or faster way to grow sales than Wini a Free Drink.com

Oh and did we mention you can market directly to the customer in the future. This is a power advertising platform.